3.6L GM Timing Chain Problems

​Code p0008 or code p0009

So,.... You have Cadillac, Buick, or Chevy that has the GM 3.6L v6 engine. You probably have low miles on the engine and have taken good care of it. Out of the blue with no warning the check engine light pops on! You say to yourself "What is that about, my car is running great??!!" You take it in to the dealer and they calmly tell you that you have code p0008 and ask you for $3400 to fix it because blah blah blah Timing Chain blah blah needed blah blah engine replacement blah blah.

This can happen for code p0008, p0009, p0016, p0017, p0018, or p0019 or any combonation of these codes

Yikes! The car runs fine. Why so much money for an engine code?

This engine has a ton of tech built into it. The problem stems from the hi-feature variable cam timing system and the engines super sensitive computer.  The engine computer cannot handle excessive timing chain stretch due to strict parameters within the programming.  You have three timing chains in the 3.6L engine. Each chain is about 2.5 feet long total. That makes about 7.5 feet of chain. If each chain stretches 2 millimeters you get 6mm total over the 7.5 feet of chains, and BAM! the engine light pops on!!! GRRRRRRR!!  We can argue all day about why this happens, but at the end of the day it is likely you will need an expensive repair. BOOOOO!

I have developed a fix for this engine that will cure the light and most importantly an upgrade to keep it from coming back. The chains that are in your engine are bad and we most likely will require their replacement, but we can permanently fix it so you aren't likely to have the problem ever again. Call for estimated pricing on your specific year make and model. Most estimes are over a thousand dollars less than the dealer!!!!!

*Note  Codes p0008 and p0009 are the most common, but p0018 and p0019 are likely. All codes can also be caused by other faults including low engine oil level.  Always have your car diagnosed by a professional before repairs!! I have seen people try to fix code p0008 by replacing the chain and the chain wasn't the problem!! -so take care to troubleshoot before repairs!!

Buick Chevy and Cadillac 3.6L engines from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 have ECU sorce code updates as well.

When you have p0008 or p0009 please check the oil level and condition first!  Low engine oil can cause this code!